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Mark Lee

Mark Lee, Owner


Led by founder Mark Lee, a Santa Barbara General Contractor since 1978, with the skill and experience to handle a wide range of projects, we exceed our client's ′ expectations, providing excellent service and better than the expected value. Knowing our customer's ′s satisfaction is the measure of our success, we don′t just specialize in several different areas of construction, we specialize in achieving our client's ′s goals, and knowing how important risk management is in today′s environment, we are driven by an accountability orientation in all elements of our business.

Our experienced, personable, and highly communicative team can handle EVERYTHING for you from Turnkey Custom Homes and Design-Build Construction to Remodeling and Building Additions; building and improving homes, apartment complexes, hotels, and commercial offices, and Preserving Historic Buildings.

Suffering Fire Damage, Water Damage, or Mold Damage? We quickly stop the damage, eliminate the need for costly replacement of restorable items, and efficiently restore your home or business and its contents back to pre-loss condition, progressing quickly and effectively through the entire process of reconstruction, completely restoring your property to its pre-disaster state, on schedule, at highly competitive prices.


Evie Rubinstein,

Business Operations Manager
" Jill of all Trades"

When Evie began as an Office Administrator, two and half years ago, nobody realized what a gem we discovered her to be. Today, this experienced, assertive, and classy business operator has brought about a galvanic change in Pearl Bay's mission of reliability and competence. She provides unbeatable service and follow-up, all delivered with authentic pleasure in assisting others, co-workers, and clients alike. Evie brings about uplifted spirits wherever she is by her presence alone and is a marvelous team player.

Adam Thomas

ADAM THOMAS, General Manager


Adam has lived in the Santa Barbara area since 2014.  He was born and raised in the Midwest, and those values shine through in his approach to hard work and overall customer satisfaction.  He is a dedicated husband and stepfather.  He enjoys writing and performing music, watching film and television, weightlifting, the outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.  He brings a unique understanding and perspective to the team as he has worked his way up from entry-level technician to general manager over the 6+ years he has been with Pearl Bay Corporation.    

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